— Tuning: Pitch correction, and fine tuning is hundreds of tiny adjustments of the piano  wires, to achieve perfect musical harmony. Takes about  one to two hours.

—  Repairs: Diagnosing and repairing any mechanical problems of the piano could take a few minutes to hours.

—  Voicing: The adjustment of the timber, or tone quality of a piano by softening or hardening the hammer felt. This can take from one hour to several hours.

—  Regulation: This adjustment is done on the mechanism of the piano, to ensure the even performance of each key. Which usually takes several hours of work.

—  Player system installation: We can put a player system into any piano by a retro fit kit. This job is done in our piano shop, and takes about 5 days.

—  Restoration: We can restore any part of a piano to it’s original state, in our piano shop. Complete restoration can take from four weeks to eight weeks time. A total rebuilding of a piano includes the replacement of the old parts in the mechanism, repairing the soundboard, bridge replacement, or soundboard replacement, installment of a new pin block, new tuning pins, restringing, complete regulation, voicing, tuning, finish work.

—  Cleaning: Usually done at your location, and can take an hour or two.

—  Appraisals: To document the condition, the quality, or the price value of your piano for insurance or other purposes. Takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

— Pre-purchase inspection: When you are shopping for a piano, we will provide an expert advice, and a thorough examination of all the parts in the piano. Including component quality, workmanship, cabinet, performance, and the tone of the instrument. Unwise to do any purchase without an inspection of the piano, by an independent piano technician.  Takes about an hour.

—  Cabinet and finish repair: This can be done at your house or in the piano shop, depending on how much   damage. We repair all types of finish problems, including polyester, and high gloss surfaces. Scratches or chips, dents can be repaired perfectly. Flat surfaces can be buffed, or polished to it’s original condition.

—  Customer service: You will get a friendly reminder phone call, when it’s time to get your piano tuned or serviced from The Best Pianoman. We can also answer your questions every day from 10 am – 8 pm.