Tuning a piano takes time. Make sure you have enough time for the service appointment with The Best Pianoman. It’s not an easy task. You need a certain type of personality for this job, with a lots of patience. 

Making hundreds of very fine adjustments on the strings, to reach perfect harmony, requires many, many years of experience. I get a great deal of enjoyment doing this job, even after 25 years.

When I’m finished with my tuning, I like to leave perfection behind. Playing a few pieces on a just tuned piano, sounds sweet. Every piano has its unique tone, make them sound their best is my goal, and gives me pleasure as well.

Don’t wait too long, or skip a tuning!

When the pitch drops below a certain level, it can cause permanent damage to the instrument. Rust and corrosion at low tension can break strings, when we start tuning them. False beats or inharmonicity can be caused by low tension piano wire bending. Not tuning your piano can make cracks in the wood, cause glue joint separation, or other structural damages. Not a good idea.


Today it is scientifically proven that children who play the piano will be smarter, and will be more successful than those who don’t. Learning piano will exercise the left and right side of the brain simultaneously. This is another reason to have your piano regularly tuned. A bad sounding piano is hard to practice on, and will dramatically slow down your child’s advancement in music.

So don’t wait. Every piano needs to be tuned at least twice a year. Contact us to set up an appointment for the service. I look forward to seeing you!

Musically yours : Istvan Mihok